duo von meck

At the end of 2017, the two of us young musicians decided to enrich our general and musical high school education by playing together, performing and a special kind of work on ourselves in the smallest, but most direct chamber ensemble – the duo. The disproportion between the dimensions and the range of the flute and the piano has always motivated us to explore how we will convey the composer’s idea – the emotion – to the audience as directly as possible. Curiosity, playing and striving for perfection are manifested in the interweaving of registers, where the flute always “leads” in the singing high register, and the piano in the harmonic-aliquot low register. Competing in the middle register, where both instruments are equally intense, certainly leads to a fresh invention – improvisation based on common desires.

Duo von Meck started with performances in 2017 and since then they have had ca. 50 performances in Croatia and abroad. At the National Chamber music Competition in 2018 and 2019 they won 1st prize and were awarded with the Oscar of Knowledge, the highest award in Croatia for pupils for outstanding achievements and results. They studied with the following well-known and respected professors: Nina Patarčec, Ela Korbar, Nives Andrijašević Janković, Marina Novak, Marietta Petkova, Marieke Schneemann, Robert Batelić, Đorđe Stanetti, Nils Thilo Krämer, Marko Zupan.