Laura Marjanović was born on the 26th of September 2001 in Metković, Croatia. Among the recent awards, it is important to single out that she was a semi-finalist of the 13th Dutch International Flute Competition (2023). From April 2023 Laura is a member of Live Music Now Styria – a non-profit organization that organizes free concerts in retirement homes, sanatoriums, hospitals and many other social and charitable institutions. In May 2023, she participated in an improvisational group with Stegreif – The Improvising Symphony Orchestra. In September 2023, she participated in the Charity concert for the benefit of the 1st Rotary Learning Center Graz, organized by the Rotary Club Graz Surroundings North in cooperation with the Rotary Clubs Graz Süd and Graz Eggenberg. Laura won the second award at the 10th International Music Competition in Palmanova (2022).

At the age of eight, Laura started to learn to play the piano at the Elementary Music School in Ploče, and went to Elementary Music School „Josip Hatze“ in Split where she learned to play the flute with the professor Marija Bašić Markotić. She continued her secondary education in Zagreb, in Secondary Music School „Vatroslav Lisinski“ in the class of professor Nives Andrijašević Janković and the Secondary School of Applied Arts and Design where she graduated with A.

Currently, she is both the eight-semester Bachelor Performing Flute student in the Professor Nils Thilo Krämer’s class, and the fourth-semester Bachelor Music Education – Voice and Instruments (IGP) at KUG – Graz, Austria. Up to now, Laura has performed solo in Croatia (Zagreb, Split, Osijek, Samobor, Jastrebarsko, Varaždin, Vela Luka, Ploče, Imotski, Karlovac, Opatija) and abroad (Italy – Palmanova, The Netherlands – Amsterdam, Winssen, Apeldoorn, Itervoort, Austria – Graz, Horn). She attended flute masterclasses with the following acclaimed flutist and pedagogues: Marko Zupan (Slovenia), Matej Zupan (Slovenia), Matjaž Debeljak (Slovenia), Marina Novak (Croatia), Karolina Šantl Zupan (Croatia), Ivana Zahirović (Croatia), Đorđe Stanetti (Croatia), Ljubiša Jovanović (Serbia), Snježana Pavičević (Serbia), Laura Levai Aksin (Serbia), Luisa Sello (Italy), Nicola Mazzanti (Italy), Wil Offermans (the Netherlands), Kersten McCall (The Netherlands), Vincent Cortvrint (Belgium), Damjan Krajačić (USA), Nina Patarčec (France), Jean Louis Beaumadier (France), Renate Greiss-Armin (Germany), Barbara Gisler-Haase (Austria) and Sonja Korak (Austria).

She has performed in duo with Matija and won 1st prize on National Chamber music Competition – 2018 and 2nd prize in 2019 (Zagreb and Opatija). Since 2012, Laura won many first, second and third prizes at regional and national competitions. She is specially proud of great success as in chamber music as in solo playing and it’s worth mentioning that she and her friends together represented their Music School all over Croatia. It is interesting that she is one of a few musicians to play piccolo in orchestra at her age.